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The Role of Rosacea Diet in Controlling This Common Skin Condition

rosacea dietWhat do famous people like Bill Clinton, Prince William, Princess Diane, and Renee Zellwegger have in common? All of them have Rosacea, a common skin condition that afflicts millions of people around the world. It looks like acne but it’s more serious than that since it is incurable. But the good news is that it can be reduced or control through rosacea diet.

Rosacea, also called rosatia, is a more serious medical problem than you’d like to think. At the surface, it can be easily mistaken for acne. After all, the symptoms of this condition include reddish facial skin, small red bumps (Papulopustular rosacea), and small dilated blood vessels.

In fact, there are some cases wherein people with rosacea don’t even realize that they have the condition.  Most of them think they just blush easily. Or that the reddish facial skin was a result of exposure to the sun.

How many people are affected by rosacea? According to statistics, there are around 16 million individuals in the United States afflicted with this disease. On a global scale, some 50 million have it. Most of them are Caucasian.

Rosacea is a long-term skin condition which has its sporadic episodes. But compared to acne, most of those who have this condition don’t outgrow rosacea.  The symptoms of the condition are often found in the central portion of the face covering parts like the cheeks, forehead, chin, and the nose.

Rosacea is not considered infectious. So don’t fear if you come in contact with other people with it, as there is no chance you’ll get the condition.

Skin Care

Since Rosacea can’t be cured, people who have it can only hope to control it. One of the ways to control this condition is through skin care. Proper skin care is important especially since the condition can worsen with age.

Experts say there’s no such thing as best treatment for rosacea, or the best moisturizer for rosacea. While there are some possible natural remedies for rosacea, the effectiveness of these solutions may vary depending on the person afflicted.  So what could actually work for one person with rosacea may cause sensitivity or irritation on another individual.

Diluted vinegar cleansing is a recommended home remedy for rosacea.  This rosacea natural treatment involves mixing one part table vinegar with six parts water. Vinegar is considered a natural disinfectant and can effectively decrease the amount of bacteria and yeasts on the skin.

But vinegar can also cause rosacea flare-up in some people. As such, it is recommended that a small part of the skin be tested first before applying the home remedy to the entire face.

Green tea is also said to be a natural rosacea treatment as it has anti-inflammatory properties. To use green tea in treating rosacea, simply rub it all over the face. There are also some commercially available products for rosacea which has green tea as its active ingredient.

Over-the-Counter Medication

There are also over the counter rosacea treatment options that people with this condition can choose from. Perhaps the most popular of these OTC drugs is sunscreen that has a formula of at least 15 SPF. Rosacea outbreak is usually triggered by sun exposure, thus the use of a sunscreen can significantly restrict the effects of sunlight.

But rosacea patients should be careful in choosing a sunscreen cream. This is particularly true for products that have the active ingredient octyle salicylate that may trigger skin irritation.

Rosacea treatment products containing sulfur are also popular amongst rosacea patients. Rosacea cream with sulfur is believed to be effective in eliminating clogged skin pores and getting rid of dead skin cells.

There are also over-the-counter products against rosacea that contain benzoyl peroxide. The said organic compound is a fixture in products for acne as well as other skin blemishes. It can be effective in reducing redness and swelling. But dermatologists also say that benzoyl peroxide can actually flare up dry skin that is typical in most rosacea patients.

Prescription Medication

There’s only one rosacea treatment that doctors prescribe, and it is called Metrogel. An antibiotic, it treats rosacea by decreasing the inflammation. This medication is only applied directly on the skin.

In using this prescription medication, the affected area of the skin should be washed and dried first. After 15 minutes, a thin layer of the gel is directly applied on the affected area. This could be done once or twice a day, or as instructed by a physician.

Diet for Rosacea Patients

But instead of searching for the best makeup for rosacea, or laser treatment for rosacea, people with this condition should instead focus on the food that they eat.

Research has shown that a diet rich in protein, like those derived from fish, poultry and shellfish, can be effective in treating rosacea. The same goes for eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes like lentils and beans, and good old fashioned oatmeal.

A diet rich in healthy fats can also help control rosacea. People with this skin condition are advised to eat nuts, seeds, as well as cold water fishes like sardines, halibut, wild Alaskan salmon, and herring.

Salmon is well-recommended for people with rosacea as it contains omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids can drastically lower the production of inflammatory compounds in the body. It can also prevent the production of arachidonic acid which is one of the major causes of inflammation in the body.

There are also certain foods that people with rosacea should avoid like the plague. These include alcoholic beverages since alcohol can trigger the condition. Spicy foods and hot beverages should also be shunned by rosacea patients.

By following a healthy diet for rosacea, people with the skin condition can avoid rosacea flare-ups. In most cases, a healthy diet can significantly eliminate the need to find the best makeup for rosacea, or even opt for rosacea laser treatment.

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  • nancy styler March 7, 2016, 8:05 am

    I began to suffer from rosacea [with spots] in my late fifties. I tried all the over counter products that promise to reduce the redness and spots within hours ….they didn’t. i always felt an irritation under the spots which meant I was constantly touching…and made it worse. After 2 days of using the Somaluxe Redness Repair my skin felt calm. No the spots and redness didn’t disappear overnight but the skin felt so comfortable that I continued with it for that reason. After 1 week of the Somaluxe Redness repair there was an amazing improvement and after 2 weeks …..clear of spots and redness reduced . After a month my skin is the best it has been for 10 years.

    • Kim April 2, 2016, 11:23 pm

      Thank you, Nancy Styler, for sharing your experiences with us here! I’m very happy that finally Somaluxe Redness Repair helped to clear your spots and reduce redness. I always say that it is trial and error process. For example, there are treatments that may help to somebody, but this same treatment doesn’t help to somebody else. Why? Because we all different. We all have different body condition, different disease and nutrition history, and many other factors. Some treatment may help you after 2 weeks, but for somebody else it may take a few month for healing. But if I see statistics, that this specific product has helped to many people, I’ll give it a try.

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